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Best Free AI Courses of 2023 (for beginners)

Best Free AI Courses of 2023 (for beginners)

AI is the future of work, and it’s no secret that the demand for skilled AI professionals is on the rise. However, it looks to me that 99% of people are still stuck in beginner mode and don’t have a clue where to begin with AI tools.

To help you get massively ahead in 2023, here are 8 terrific free AI courses that you can take to improve your skills.

1. Google Bard & ChatGPT for Increased Productivity

Google BARD and ChatGPT AI for Increased Productivity

Looking to explore the fascinating world of ChatGPT and Google BARD? Look no further than this engaging and free course!

With its advanced language models and artificial intelligence, ChatGPT and Google BARD are revolutionizing customer service, marketing, healthcare, and finance.

In this course, learners will gain a thorough understanding of how these powerful tools work and how they can be implemented in various settings.

From automating customer support to creating personalized recommendations, ChatGPT and Google BARD have endless potential.

Whether you’re a business owner, digital marketer, content creator, or simply interested in improving your daily life, this course is for you!

So why wait? Sign up now and discover the exciting possibilities of ChatGPT and Google BARD!

2. AutoGPT Tutorial – More Exciting Than ChatGPT

Heard about Auto GPT? It’s a super cool AI software that can help you automate tasks beyond just Chat GPT.

It’s like your own personal assistant that works with various APIs and plugins to make your life easier.

Don’t worry about coding, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step tutorial on how to set it up and use it.

You can even use it to create a meal plan for the week! So, grab a snack, and let’s dive into the exciting world of Auto GPT! Head over to the video to get started with Auto GPT, and let’s make your life a bit smoother with AI.

3. Midjourney Ai – Free Course / Full Guide

For those looking to create stunning AI images, I recommend the Midjourney AI Full Guide on YouTube.

In this tutorial video, you’ll discover how to harness the power of Midjourney’s Discord-based AI tool for creating stunning images. You’ll learn how to set up your Discord account and choose from the three subscription plans offered by Midjourney.

With Midjourney, not only can you generate fantastic AI art, but you can also upscale and create different variations of your creations.

Plus, with the handy reroll button, you can try out different image options until you find the perfect fit.

Don’t just imagine your ideal images anymore, bring them to life with the help of Midjourney.

5. Intro to Artificial Intelligence – Learn the Fundamentals

Intro to Artificial Intelligence Free Course Learn the fundamentals of AI

Next up is the Intro to Artificial Intelligence course on Udacity. This course covers the basics of modern AI, including its applications and possibilities. It also covers image processing and computer vision, which are important areas of AI.

If you want to learn the basics and applications of AI and how it is revolutionizing various industries, this course is for you!

In this engaging program, you will learn the fundamentals of AI, including statistics, uncertainty, and Bayes networks, as well as machine learning, logic, and planning.

You’ll also explore the exciting applications of AI in fields such as image processing and computer vision, robotics and robot motion planning, and natural language processing and information retrieval.

AI technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, from gaming and journalism to finance and cutting-edge research fields like robotics, medical diagnosis, and quantum science.

By taking this course, you’ll gain a solid understanding of the basics and applications of AI, preparing you to take on new challenges and opportunities in this rapidly growing field.

So why wait? Sign up now and join the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence!

6. Elements of AI – Free Online Course

Elements of AI free online course

The Elements of AI is a free online course created by MinnaLearn and the University of Helsinki, this course aims to demystify AI and encourage as many people as possible to learn about its potential and limitations.

The course is divided into two parts: An Introduction to AI and Building AI. Part 1 is perfect for anyone interested in learning about AI without any complicated math or programming required.

Part 2 is for those who want to learn about the actual algorithms used to create AI methods, with some basic Python programming skills recommended.

With over 950,000 students from over 170 countries, the Elements of AI has spread worldwide and is helping people from a wide range of backgrounds to be empowered by AI, not threatened.

About 40% of course participants are women, more than double the average for computer science courses.

The course’s success has even caught the attention of industry leaders like Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, and Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman of the board at Nokia.

So why wait? Sign up now and join the hundreds of thousands of learners already benefiting from this engaging and accessible course on AI.

6. Machine Learning Specialization

Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification

The Machine Learning Specialization course offered by DeepLearning AI and Stanford on Coursera covers the fundamentals of machine learning and teaches you how to build real-world AI applications.

It’s a great place to start if you’re new to AI and want to learn the basics.

This beginner-friendly program is taught by AI visionary Andrew Ng, who has led critical research at Stanford University, Google Brain, Baidu, and Landing.AI.

In this updated and expanded 3-course Specialization, you will learn the fundamentals of machine learning and gain practical experience building real-world AI applications.

You will build machine learning models in Python using popular libraries NumPy and scikit-learn, and learn how to train supervised machine learning models for prediction and binary classification tasks, including linear regression and logistic regression.

This program provides a broad introduction to modern machine learning, including both supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, as well as some of the best practices used in Silicon Valley for artificial intelligence and machine learning innovation.

By the end of the Specialization, you will have mastered key concepts and gained the practical know-how to apply machine learning to challenging real-world problems.

If you’re looking to break into AI or build a career in machine learning, the Machine Learning Specialization is the perfect place to start. So why wait? Sign up now and join the millions of learners who have already benefited from Andrew Ng’s pioneering work in the field of machine learning!

In conclusion, these 6 free AI courses are a great way to get massively ahead in 2023 and improve your AI skills.

Whether you’re new to AI or looking to specialize in a specific area, these courses are a great place to start. So what are you waiting for? Start learning today!

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